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Transportation and telecommunications infrastructure – Colima

Colima’s modern, high-quality transportation infrastructure is designed to facilitate the rapid movement of passengers and cargo from various points within the state to the main consumption and distribution centers in the Mexican Republic. Up-to-date telecommunications technology will keep you in touch with clients and suppliers in any part of the world.

Transporation Insfrastructure, Colima, Mexico


The State has an extensive road and highway network, with more than 1,300 miles (2,119 kilometers) of highways connecting all ten municipalities to the rest of the country. The NAFTA route begins at the Port of Colima , with a four-lane highway that crosses the State, linking the coast with the cities of Tecoman and Colima, and continues on to the State of Jalisco , where it joins up with the Guadalajara-Mexico City Freeway. This route leads to the most important consumer and distribution centers in the republic, and to the United States and Canada.


There are almost 150 miles (237 kilometers) of rail lines between the main cities of Colima and connecting with the rest of the country. Ferromex, a private company, offers efficient rail connections to Mexico ’s main industrial corridor where more 89,000 companies generate more than 80% of the republic’s industrial output.

The Port of Manzanillo is presently the only port in Mexico with double-loading capability, providing significant advantages in terms of fast, efficient movement of containers out of the port.

Distance Colima to By highway By railroad
Manzanillo 60 miles 64 miles
Guadalajara 130 153
Mexico City 416 511
Querétaro 308 370
San Luis Potosí 349 380
Monterrey 582 805
Nuevo Laredo 791 960
Ciudad Juarez 1,004 1,302
Veracruz 660 773
Houston 1,312
Laredo 825
Dallas 1,428
Saint Luis 2,062
New York 3,187
Winnipeg 2,627

Air Transportation

There are two airports in the State of Colima: an airport in Manzanillo (ZLO), and in the municipality of Cuauhtemoc (CLQ), providing regularly scheduled international and domestic flights through eight airlines.

Additionally, The Miguel Hidalgo International Airport in the city of Guadalajara (GDL) is considered part of the regional air transportation infrastructure. Located only 215 km from Colima, it is the second largest commercial airport in Mexico , both in terms of volume of cargo handled and number of international destinations.


The state is completely blanketed with mail, telegraph and telephone services. A modern fiber – optic network allows for reliable and fast telecommunications. There are 19 local radio stations (17 commercial, 2 cultural), 4 local TV channels, 11 national retransmission TV stations and cable service in the main cities.

Sea Port

The sea port of Manzanillo is the most important of the Mexican Pacific.

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