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Completing the FM3 application online

To complete the application online, click on the link below. You will open an executable file (you need to allow pop-ups) and will fill out the form on your computer. Print the document and bring 3 copies with you. Below is a handy guide to understanding the terms to fill out the document.  There are a number of errors in translation on the application itself so it is helpful to have this guide handy when filling out the application. We also keep copies of the application in our office and can assist you in completing the forms and letters. (more…)

FM3, FM2 – changes and notifications

In Mexico, foreigners need to have a permit/visa to stay in the country longer than the days allowed by the tourist card/visa.

There are certain benefits and obligations to having a visa in Mexico, the most common of which is an FM3. See our article on obtaining the visa here.


Citizenship – Obtaining Mexican Nationality through Naturalization by Residency

Mexican nationality can be obtained by various means such as marrying a Mexican, having children born in Mexico, etc., see list below. The most common way that we deal with is nationality and naturalization through residency. Once a resident has had an FM3 for 5 years, he/she can apply for an FM2, a higher level of residency or immigrant status. After having the FM2 for five years, the individual can then request the status of nationality.


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