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Mexico simplifies visa procedures

Mexico Simplifies Visa Procedures

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Written by: Mexico Insight

Published: Monday, March 8, 2010 on Mexperience (see this site for many other articles about living in Mexico)

Mexico’s National Immigration Institute (INM) has announced a range of amendments to its immigration and internment procedures to be implemented starting May 1, 2010. Although the amendments do not significantly alter the core rules and regulations which underpin current immigration law, the changes will make the paperwork and procedures less complicated for foreigners wishing to enter Mexico; particularly for those coming to Mexico to do business and those who wish to live, work and retire here. (more…)

CURP in Mexico (Clave Única de Registro de la Población)

The Population Registry Unique Code (Spanish: Clave Única de Registro de Población) or CURP is a unique identity code for both citizens and residents of Mexico. Each CURP code is a unique, alphanumeric 18-character string intended to prevent duplicate entries.

Typically you get one for the first time when you obtain your FM3. You need it to get your social security card, your driver’s license, getting your FM2 or citizenship (naturalization), for buying a vehicle or home, opening a bank account and for most other legal and tax business in Mexico. (more…)

Buy and car in Mexico or bring one from the US or Canada?

Many people wonder if buying a car in Mexico is a good option or whether to bring a vehicle from home. The answer is depends on your own situation but here are a few matters to consider to help you make your decision. (more…)

FM3 first time and renewals

Below is a list of costs, requirements and procedures to obtain an FM3 for the first time or to submit for the annual renewal. Processing time is typically 6 weeks for first time documents and 4 weeks for renewals, changes and permits.

First time:

See this page to complete the application

Obtaining and renewing FM3 or FM2 documents

In addition to obtaining and renewing migratory documents, it is important to consider permits and notifications once you have one. See our article on such procedures. Below we have summarized the procedures and requirements for obtaining and renewing your visa (migratory document such as FM3 or FM2).

See our handy citizenship study guide reference here.

You can get the FM3 before leaving your home country at a Mexican embassy or consulate, then must register it (similar to applying again) upon arrival in Mexico or can apply for the first time once you are in Mexico and before your tourist card expires.

An FM2 is what most people obtain after having an FM3 for five years. It is a less restrictive form of residency or immigrant permit for foreigners in Mexico. After the FM2, residents often seek citizenship. (more…)

What foreigners can and can’t do in Mexico

When residing in or visiting Mexico as a foreigner, whether or not you have an FM3 or FM2, there are certain important things to keep in mind. (more…)

FM3, FM2 – changes and notifications

In Mexico, foreigners need to have a permit/visa to stay in the country longer than the days allowed by the tourist card/visa.

There are certain benefits and obligations to having a visa in Mexico, the most common of which is an FM3. See our article on obtaining the visa here.


IMSS Medical Insurance

Link to current rates of a similar level of service. The rates quoted here are for Mexicans living in the US that wish to continue service for their family members in Mexico. Rates for individual and family insurance are no longer published on the IMSS site but old rates from 2006 are quoted below. To obtain current rates, we inquire on a case-by-case basis.

Link to video and article by Kelly Cobiella of CBS about health care in Mexico, filmed in Manzanillo (more…)

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