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Mexican pensioners discounts card

Living in Mexico offers many financial and lifestyle benefits. One that very few know about is offered by the government for senior citizens. The Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultos Mayores (INAPAM) provides many services including organizing cultural events, fitness, excursions, health seminars and illness prevention, psychological support services, teaching, discounts at shops, services and transport agencies and more.  It is available for people starting at 60 years of age and they issue you an ID card, free of charge which you need in order to participate in the program. This is also a great place for people to volunteer to work with other seniors teaching computing, crafts or anything else.

See more information in Spanish below

There are centres around the country. It is a federal organization with delegates in each state.

Many commercial establishments and services offer discounts to seniors. They will often ask for this card to prove you are 60 or over.

People are eligible for the card at age 60 and can obtain it at one of the locations listed in the link below. You must take your passport, FM3, birth certificate, a utility bill and 2 photos (colour or black and white) without your glasses on (tamaño infantil).

Locations in Colima and Jalisco are below.

Locations for affiliation and information are found here.


Los requisitos para que las personas adultas mayores se afilien al INAPAM son:

  • Tener 60 años de edad o más.
  • Acta de nacimiento orginal y copia
  • Identificación oficial con fotografía: IMSS, ISSSTE, IFE, licencia de manejo, pasaporte o cartilla del Servicio Militar.
  • Si la persona es extranjera, las formas migratorias FM2, FM3 o carta de naturalización.
  • 2 fotografías tamaño infantil blanco y negro o a color ( por el momento la credencial es de cartón, en unos meses volverá a ser digital, tienen la misma validez)

Inapam es Federal, con representacion en los 31 estados.

Módulos en el Distrito Federal:

  • Avenida Universidad 150, Colonia Narvarte, Delegación Benito Juárez. Atrás de la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes. Cerca Metro Etiopia y Eugenia de la linea 3.
  • Donceles 43, Colonia Centro, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Cerca metro Allende, linea 2.
  • Calzada Legaria 373, Colonia Nuevo México, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo (A un lado del Panteón francés)

La dirección de INAPAM Colima es: Boulevard Camino Real número 120 casi esquina Francisco Hernández Espinoza, Colonia Centro. C.P. 28000, Colima, Col.

Tel. 01 312 313 9500

Y la dirección de Inapam Jalisco es: Avenida Alcalde número 500, Zona Centro, Basamento C y D. Guadalajara Jalisco.

Tel. 01 33 3658 2111

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