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Invest in Colima – port activity, transportation, incentives

The State of Colima is an exciting option for investors that have the vision to tap the full potential of our resources, modern infrastructure and well-educated population. But these are only several of the factors that make Colima an attractive investment choice. Residents enjoy a standard of living well above the national average, and among both residents and the government there is a strong culture of respect for the natural environment. All of these elements makes Colima a serious player in the global competition for business investment.

The State Government, through various institutions, has established policies and mechanisms to support innovative businesses that go beyond the industrial base of the past. These incentives are intended to nurture business and industrial relations that bring new ideas and strategies.

The time to invest is now; the place is Colima. We invite you to come and see for yourself the investment opportunities that await you in the State of Colima. As we say in Mexico, “our home is your home”, and we hope you will care for it as you would your own. We look forward to working with you as our partner, facing the challenges and enjoying the successes we can reap together in the new global dynamic.

Investment Opportunities

Numerous investment opportunities await you in Colima’s industrial and service sectors. Investors can count on a young and well-educated population, with graduates from Colima’s eight public and private universities, eager to participate in new business ventures that demand and expect world- level standards of production.

Sea Port Services

  • Dockyard services
  • Container maintenance
  • Loading companies
  • Vehicle handling facilities
  • Tractor-trailer parking lots with hotel, restaurant and garage services
  • Multi-use warehouses


  • Specialized container transportation services
  • Specialized perishable-product transportation services
  • Garages and service stations
  • Parts suppliers

Automotive and Auto parts

  • Development of regional clusters that take advantage of the port infrastructure

Electric and Electronic

  • Software development
  • Component suppliers to manufacturers of electric and electronic products


  • Construction and operation of pleasure-boat docks and pier
  • Yacht clubs
  • Convention centers
  • Development of theme and recreational parks
  • Rural residential communities
  • Eco-tourism
  • Specialized hotels


  • Development of industrial parks
  • Development of residential communities
  • Construction of the Guadalajara-Manzanillo natural gas pipeline
  • Construction of natural gas distribution networks

Colima is an unbeatable choice for investment in projects related to the extraction, production, manufacture and sale of natural resources. This resource-rich state also has a mild climate that experiences little variation throughout the year, permitting consistently high levels of production and extraction.

Investment opportunities exist in the following sectors:

  • Agroindustry
  • Modular pre-cooling units
  • Tropical fruit processing and packaging plants
  • Marketing, sales and distribution


  • Companies specializing in integrated iron and steel production for the export market
  • Nonmetallic mineral extraction
  • Plaster panel manufacturing
  • Ceramic and stone tile manufacturing
  • Sea salt extraction and production
  • Limestone extraction

Fishing and Fish Farming

  • Seafood processing, packaging, freezing and marketing
  • Fish farms

Forest Products

  • Wood and cellulose extraction
  • Production technology
  • Irrigation technology
  • Exotic tropical wood production
  • Plant nurseries


  • Milk pasteurizing plants
  • Cattle breeding and raising
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Egg and poultry production

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