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Interpreting services

IdeaCOM Interpreting and Support Services

IdeaCOM is pleased to provide expert English/Spanish interpreting services for assistance to businesses and individuals.

See this page for details about legal and other types of fees.

Interpreting services cover many areas both within the city and for travel outside the city, of which a few are listed here:

  • Settling in, housing, schools, banking
  • Airport reception
  • Reservations and event planning
  • Business meetings and business trips
  • Negotiations, conflict resolution and deal making
  • Construction and repairs
  • Contract agreements
  • Travel
  • Condo association meetings
  • Medical and other appointments
  • Making arrangements with employees, suppliers and clients
  • Interpreting policies, contracts
  • Conference calls
  • Making sure you get the best deal, price or arrangement for you
  • Interviews

Services can be provided in person, by email, chat, instant messenger, phone call and text message. And yes, we offer translation of documents as well!

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