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IMSS Medical Insurance

Link to current rates of a similar level of service. The rates quoted here are for Mexicans living in the US that wish to continue service for their family members in Mexico. Rates for individual and family insurance are no longer published on the IMSS site but old rates from 2006 are quoted below. To obtain current rates, we inquire on a case-by-case basis.

Link to video and article by Kelly Cobiella of CBS about health care in Mexico, filmed in Manzanillo

As of 2008, some changes took place in the way the IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) handles insurance for individuals and families. They suspended the insurance for individuals program which caused a lot of disturbance for single retirees and others living in Mexico. We have had success and have found ways to assist individuals and families to obtain or recover the insurance.

Detailed information in Spanish about the phase in of preexisting conditions and other related material

IMSS Medical Insurance is available to foreigners holding an FM3 or FM2 visa. The cost is quite low. To apply you will need copies of your passport, FM#, proof of residency (utility bill, etc), birth certificate, marriage license, and two passport-type pictures. The birth certificate and marriage license will probably be required to have an apostille (certification through the Mexican consulate in Canada, apostille in the US) and to be translated into Spanish by an approved translator (perito traductor approved by a judge and the Mexican government, consult us to find one in your area).

A physical exam is sometimes required, depending on the answers to the questionnaire. Coverage of per-existing conditions is complicated. Some may be covered after two years; others are never covered; and some will disallow your enrollment.

Rates for 2006:

Age           Pesos
0-19          $1,062
20-39       $1,241.19
40-59       $1,855.21
60+           $2,971.78

As always, check with your local IMSS office to verify requirements and costs.

Benefits are phased in over a three year period.

In the first year only minor things such as colds, Moctezuma’s revenge, etc. are covered. These are basically out-patient services for which you will probably want to see a private doctor rather than wasting half a day or more waiting in the IMSS out-patient clinic. The first year will cover automobile and other accidents and emergencies such as heart attacks.

The second year adds everything except broken bones and orthopedics.

The third year offers full coverage including medications so long as you get them from IMSS, You will not be reimbursed for drugs bought from other pharmacies. This drug benefit is often pretty hollow as IMSS is chronically short of medications.

The schedule of benefits and annual cost are subject to change, so get the latest word from your local office.

The following is a typical application questionnaire.


Name as it appears on your migratory document?

1. Father’s full name? /Apellido paterno?

2. Mother’s full maiden name? /Apellido materno?

3. How old are you? /Edad?

4. How tall are you? (cm) /Estatura?

5. How much do you weigh? (kg) /Peso?

6. What is your highest level of education? /Profesion o escolaridad maxima?

7. Are you active in any sports? /Practica algun deporte?

8. What is your occupation? /Ocupacion principal?

9. Do you drink? /Toma bebidas alcoholicas?

10. How many drinks per week? /Cuantas copas por semana?

11. How long have you been drinking? /Desde cuando empezo a tomar?

12. Do you smoke? /Fuma?

13. How many cigarettes per day? /Cuantos cigarros por dia?

14. How long have you been smoking? /Desde cuando empezo a fumar?

15. Do you take any over the counter medication? /Acostumbra automedicarse?

Do you have any of the following – Yes or No

16. Allergies or asthma? /Alergia o asma

17. Chronic blood diseases? /Enfermedades cronicas de la sangre

18. Cancer or tumors? /Cancer o tumores

19. Diabetes Mellitus with /Diabetes mellitus con

· Kidney insufficiency /Insuficiencia renal

· Retinopathy /Retinopatia

· Neuropathy /Neuropatia

· Peripheral circulatory insufficiency /Insuficiencia circulatoria periferica

20. Heart disease? /Enfermedades del corazon

21. Liver diseases? /Enfermedades del higado

22. Chronic nervousness or psychiatric diseases? /Enf nerviosas o psiquiatricas cronicas

23. High blood pressure? /Presion arterial alta

24. Rheumatism or arthritis? /Reumatismo o artritis

25. Tuberculosis? /Tuberculosis

26. Stomach ulcers? /Ulcera del estomago

27. A.I.D.S.? /S.I.D.A.

28. H.I.V. positive? /V.I.H. positivo

29. Genetic diseases (from birth)? /Enfermedades congenitas (desde elnacimiento)

30. Chronic bronchitis? /Bronquitis cronica

31. Vascular accident or embolism? /Accidente vascular o embolia

32. Deformations or movement impairments due to accidents or illness?/Deformaciones o limitaciones de movimiento por accidents o enfermedades

33. Addictive alcoholism (frequent)? /Alcoholismo adictivo (frecuente)

34. Addiction to toxic substances? /Adiccion por sustancias toxicas

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