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Hidrogel – water in the form of gel

Solid rain

  • Is water obtained from the rain, stored in a molecular form with the use of super absorbent acrylates, that can absorb up to 500 times it weight in water, with no modification of it is chemical structure
  • Having as a result rain in solid pieces
  • Since ancient times the humans have been trying to store rain, but always in liquid form
  • The technology offers the possibility to store the rain in solid form
  • Rain is captured from roofs or other sources, then is re-directed and stored temporarily in containers
  • Once the liquid rain is in containers, the super absorbent acrylate is added, this starts the process of solidification
  • After the solidification process ends, the solid rain is transferred to plastic sacks and then stored in warehouses.
  • Liquid rain requires, pumps, pipes, electric energy, special trucks, etc. to transport.
  • Solid rain is handled and transported in bags
  • Because solid rain does not get lost by filtration in the soil, it is ideal to cultivate areas with low precipitation and land without irrigation systems
  • Solid rain can be applied to prevent the loss of cultivated areas, especially after the rainy season is over or where rainfall is unpredictable. The super absorbent acrylates can be re-hydrated with every new rain. This cycle can be repeated for up to 10 years
  • Makes it possible to start the sowing season before the rain starts
  • Plants do not suffer for lack of moisture during their growth
  • Crops do not get lost even if the rainy season ends
  • Increase of productivity in cultivated areas
  • Reduction in the cost of irrigation systems
  • Reduction in the use of fertilizers
  • Can be also applied to fight grass and bush fires
  • Reduction of poverty, hunger, and emigration


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