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Green design and construction in Mexico


Mexico is catching up with the green design, construction and building practices that have seen a tremendous evolution over the years. For more than 20 years, Mexican companies have been selling green building products, with increasing acceptance. Such products include low volatile organic compound materials (low VOC) and paints, use of previously-contaminated sites, recovered materials, full solar and photovoltaic systems, wind power, light tunnels and more.

The slower acceptance of such technologies and services in Mexico has to do in part with the fact that the Mexican government has subsidized the cost of electricity over the years to the point where the payback rates are lengthy making the technology less cost-effective for implementation in green design and building practices and structures in Mexico.

As costs are coming down, technology evolves and Mexican and foreign consumers and taxpayers are becoming more interested in implementing the technologies, more and more builders are using the practices. We have included articles (below) showcasing some of the many advances of this development in Mexico.

For several years now, there have been government agencies and private sector groups experimenting with the use of alternative and renewable energy sources on a large scale in Mexico. Several of them are working to tie in with the energy grid to feed the national system and obtain carbon credits or net zero operations.

Mexican and foreign travelers and expats are also starting to show preferences for companies (hotels, builders and developers and other businesses) that have ecological and socially-responsible practices as well as those that have implemented green building materials and technologies. This tendency will drive future decisions made by companies from small businesses through major corporations and government to favour such innovative and sustainable design.

IdeaCOM International Consulting now has a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional from the Green Building Council) to lead construction projects using the PMP (Project Management Professional of the PMI or Project Management Institute) best practices, in English and Spanish on all scales (residential and commercial real estate development projects) in Manzanillo, Colima and throughout Mexico. Contact us for a consultation about your specific project needs.


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