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FM3 first time and renewals

Below is a list of costs, requirements and procedures to obtain an FM3 for the first time or to submit for the annual renewal. Processing time is typically 6 weeks for first time documents and 4 weeks for renewals, changes and permits.

First time:

See this page to complete the application

  • Passport and a copy of all pages of the passport, including the blank pages
  • Birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificates if applicable, original and copy (you may be requested to get the documents certified (apostilled) and officially translated, consult the experts on your particular case)
  • Five photographs (4X4 cm), 3 front and 2 right profile (2.5 cm from chin to hairline), white background, with forehead and ears uncovered, and without earrings or eyeglasses, instant photographs are not acceptable (check with an expert before submitting photos as many applications are delayed or rejected on the basis of the photos not meeting the requirements
  • Three months of bank statements from home country bank account, statements must have your name and account number on them, they may be faxed or emailed to you (ask us if you are including dependents in your family application or if your money is in investments or in a Mexican bank)
  • Original and copy of a utility bill in your name or the bill and a letter of permission from the person whose name the bill is in (see us for the wording of the letter) if not in your name (utility bill must be either telephone, electricity or water, preferably telephone, not cellular but landline, Telmex typically)
  • A letter (in Spanish, power of attorney type of document, authorizing an agent to act on your behalf if you are seeking assistance with your first time or renewal procedures)
  • Applicant form completed
  • Payment of fees (prepaid, fill out a form and pay either at a bank or online)


  • Same requirements as above except there are no photos required for the renewal and only a copy of the first page of the passport is required unless there have been changes to the passport (renewal, name change, etc.)

Costs/fees paid to the immigration service (approximate and subject to change, see this page for latest information):

  • First time FM3 $1,300 pesos for non-worker, $2,100 pesos for worker
  • Renewal FM3 same as for first time, annual
  • First time FM2 $2,800 pesos
  • Renewal FM2 same as for first time, annual

Other costs:

  • Fee to replace a lost FM3, $850 pesos
  • Fee to replace a lost FM2, $1,300 pesos
  • Changes to the document from one type of activity to another, such as for changing from non-worker to worker, $500 pesos
  • Permit to apply to marry a Mexican citizen, $2,700 pesos
  • Permit to divorce a Mexican citizen $5,300 pesos
  • Permit to adopt a child $2,050 pesos
  • Letter of permission to leave and enter the country (such as for those with visas in process) $300 pesos
  • Registering changes with the foreign registry such as for purchase of property or forming a corporation $700 pesos

IdeaCOM fees (to process the documents on your behalf, requires at least one visit to the immigration services office, we do the rest):

  • $1,200 pesos per person for first time documents
  • $1,000 pesos per person for renewals
  • Ask us about special pricing for groups and families

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