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About IdeaCOM

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IdeaCOM International is legally registered in Mexico under the name IdeaCOM International Consulting, SC. The term “COM” in our name refers to our divisions (see below): communications, operations and marketing. The head office is located in Manzanillo, Colima. The company also operates in Canada and the United States.

Our Mexican and Canadian partners are experienced in the international business community and are able to serve your company’s needs, primarily in legal services, in and from any part of the world. A team of associates from various countries completes the roster with specialists in all areas of business consulting, some operating directly from the head office, others consulting on specific projects.

Below are additional services that IdeaCOM offers through strategic partnerships with firms in Mexico and elsewhere.

Outsourcing with IdeaCOM International Consulting

Outsourcing is an innovative administration technique whereby certain processes are transferred to a third party. These services are complementary to a company’s primary operations but are not typically among its main services. Trusting these services to a third party allows you to concentrate efforts on the essential activities of your business, affording you increased competitiveness and tangible results.

Involving outsourcing in your business requires a shift in the way tasks are handled within your organization, in company culture, processes, systems, technology and control of operations. The objective is for you to obtain better results by focusing your efforts and energy on the main activities of your company.

Sometimes known as subcontracting of services that are designed to streamline and economize your production and service processes for a more efficient achievement of goals and objectives, outsourcing is a solution for many different types and sizes of enterprises.

Delegating to a third party provides solutions to many problems such as supply, sales channels, technology, training, human resources tasks and processes in general.

Outsourcing is the act of hiring an external agency to operate a function that is or was performed by your company and is then hired out to experts to administer or manage autonomously and independent of your organization, leaving such tasks to the experts in their field.

The importance of outsourcing lies in the concentration of efforts in the main activities of your company, leaving the peripheral or support tasks to team or agency to perform for you. This allows you to provide increase added value to your clients and your products through an agile and opportune management of the processes transferred to the outsourcing team, reducing processing time and costs while at the same time enabling human talent to increase your revenue and sales.

With your bottom line in mind, we understand that you are constantly striving to reduce expenses, while dedicating yourself to what you know best and leaving the rest to the experts.


  • Reduction in total cost of products and services
  • An overall improvement in quality of products and services
  • Your workers can dedicate their time and efforts directly to the main objectives and tasks of your company
  • Specialized attention, allowing us to work with you in improving and, in some cases, reducing processes
  • Access to high-level expertise and competence
  • Strategic alliances
  • Reduction or reassignment of space in your company
  • Free up resources for other purposes
  • Access to leading edge technology
  • Access to resources unavailable within the company
  • Increase of focus within the company
  • Free up financial resources
  • Risk reduction
  • Improved handling of complex functions and tasks that are otherwise difficult to control

Acquired Benefits

  • Security and trust: The security of being able to count on a full-service supplier that is the expert in the outsourced competency area, building a relationship of trust
  • Reduction of expenses and costs: Significant cost savings over direct handling of processes

Communications (see below)
Public relations, media, branding, networking …

Operations (see below)
Payroll services, human resources, property administration …

Marketing (see below)
Market research, image, identity, corporate events …


Public Relations

Our complete service offerings in marketing, corporate and press communications put your company, product and brand in the spotlight.

Through our integrated communications and public relations programs, our clients reach new levels of competitive positioning in their industry while at the same time promoting their brands, company and campaign directly to their target market.

This is achieved by creating an important presence through alliances and networks and by utilizing integrated and modular communication methods to publicize and advertise in mass media and commercial and trade publications.
We define public relations as an integrated flow of communications between the company and its various target audiences: shareholders, stakeholders, clients, employees, suppliers, mass media and the general public.

  • Public relations and press events and conferences
  • Creation and mass publication of press bulletins
  • Press trips and familiarization trips and events

Executive and Corporate Curriculum Vitae

The majority of executives and corporations prepare a curriculum vitae (CV) only when they are pressed for time and need to present something with a sense of urgency when the document or information is requested (job interview, presentation to investors, commencement of a standardization process).

The CV is the ideal tool to monitor your career, projected plan, development and performance and to measure your advances, growth and primarily, the achievements you have reached. The value that we add to your company, clients and to your professional career is documented and organized in a manner that is useful to the target audience. The CV is the face of your company or of your job search.

  • Executive and corporate curriculum vitae
  • Creation of a professional portfolio for executives and corporations

Branding and Networking

“You can change the formula of a product, its color, its package, its price and its positioning. But you cannot change its name without starting over”.
Anthony Weir, American Publicist

The brand contributes to the specific intentions of publicity which is to promote and make known quality products and services. It provides the identity and individuality to people and things and increases their value compared with those with no brand or a weaker or less well-known brand.

One of the most efficient ways of establishing a place for your brand and to make it known in order to gain new clients and a stronger presence and foothold in your competitive set is through networking, a process through which mutually-beneficial and productive relationships are created and fostered for individuals and corporations.

As the poet John Donne said, “no man is an island”, a phrase which applies well to company owners, brand managers and individual professionals. Networking involves developing relationships with other professionals in order to gain insight, ideas, business and service exchanges and to foster and stimulate the growth of your brand and your business.

Many times, these contacts result in excellent sources of new clients. When you establish these links through a networking group, you combine forces, making your business stronger and getting yourself known.

Some groups publish newsletters or organize events of interest with corporation heads, politicians or industry experts that provide advice, guidance and training to members of the group. Resources are made available to group members through affiliate that they would not be able to have access to on their own.

By participating in a professional group, there is an opportunity for personal and professional development in an executive environment, as well as the opportunity to be able to learn from others.

It is important to note that networking is a social activity. Many people enjoy speaking to 100 or more people in public while others find meeting 3 new people terrifying. There are many ways to network successfully and proactively, conquering fears, opening doors and making the most of these opportunities.

  • Brand and image development services for executives and corporations
  • Business networking


Human Resources and Payroll Services

At IdeaCOM International Consulting, we offer a full range of human resources and support services in recruitment, selection, training and retaining personnel to facilitate your staffing needs and fill vacancies efficiently and professionally.

Once a pool of ideal applicants is found through the recruitment process, selection begins. This phase implies a series of steps which add complexity to the hiring decision which can be time-consuming. These factors can be frustrating, both for the candidates and for your company, both feeling a sense of urgency for completing the hiring process as is the case when managers need to fill open positions quickly. We put our experience in the human resources field and psychological and psychometric knowledge at your disposal to provide solutions for your needs.

The selection process is made up of a series of steps that are put into action to decide, among the applicants which one(s) to hire. The process begins from the moment the person submits an application to when the hiring decision is made.

Aptitude and personality profiles are instruments designed to evaluate the compatibility between the applicant and the requirements of the vacancy. Some of the tools used are psychological tests while others simulate real-life working situations, testing the applicant’s ability to handle the work tasks.

Management positions, in particular, are often complex and it can be difficult to measure the fit of a candidate and the ability to manage the workload and specific responsibilities. The results are tabulated and placed in a comparative set of averages to be compared against the competence of the rest of the candidates.

We help you find the right person for the job in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Recruitment, Selection and Hiring

  • Socioeconomic studies
  • Verification of past work history and details on résumé
  • Psychometric evaluations prior to hiring or prior to a promotion or job change
  • Personality, vocational and aptitude profiles
  • Job board

Courses and Seminars

  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts
  • Resource management (time, working material, etc.)
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Decision-making processes and consequences
  • Effective communication
  • Intercultural communication
  • Executive coaching
  • Outdoor courses and processes (ecoadventure activities designed for professional development)


  • 360 degrees: directors, managers, employees
  • Job performance
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Improvement initiatives
  • Productivity
  • Employee Retention
  • Level of professional and personal satisfaction
  • Communication and mediation between employees and management
  • Benefits, incentives and perks programs
  • Analysis of the working environment
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of company policies
  • Training and coaching
  • Customer service
  • Effective communication
  • Intercultural communication


  • Development of Human Resources policies and manuals
  • Development of employee manuals
  • Creation of job descriptions
  • Creation of organizational structure
  • Incentive plans for productive employees

Legal, Fiscal, Accounting and Financial Services

We are able to offer you an infrastructure of payroll services that allows you to concentrate on the core functions of your business while we take care of the details.

We handle all in-house and paperwork aspects of what it takes to maintain your workforce, dealing with IMSS, INFONAVIT, AFORE, Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, Hacienda and other government agencies at the federal, state and municipal level for the betterment of your employees and to make your company’s operations more streamlined.

With an important number of employees from companies representing various sectors in the IdeaCOM payroll outsourcing system, we are able to bring your employees benefits that they would otherwise be unable to obtain. As members of COPARMEX Manzanillo, IdeaCOM offers its outsourced employees all the discounts and preferential treatment that this association offers.

Through our negotiations with service providers, we are able to offer our outsourced employees discounts on insurance such as auto, life, major medical expenses as well as savings and investment funds, loans and many other primary and secondary benefits that only strength in numbers can bring.

Your employees will find that all-important security that they need and that allows them to dedicate themselves fully to job tasks with the peace of mind of knowing that we are behind them in fulfilling their life projects.

  • Obtaining of registered trademarks and patents in Mexico and in other countries
  • Business registration processes with a notary public and government offices
  • Import and export
  • Full consulting services for companies looking to invest directly in businesses in Mexico
  • Portfolio investing for foreign companies wanting to do business in Mexico
  • Accounting services in accounts payable and receivable as well as expense management and bookkeeping
  • Financial planning
  • Preparation of tax statements and declarations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Calculations of payroll remittances to IMSS, INFONAVIT and AFORE
  • Calculation of 2% payroll tax
  • Remittance of partial and annual tax declarations
  • Preparing of year-end taxes (ISR, IVA, IAR) for individuals and corporations

Business Services

As experts in the design and development of business plans, staffing and investment management, our team of associates is at your service, helping you meet your goals and objectives. We take care of the situations that can be a distraction for your business, your managers and your employees.

We offer concierge service to your employees as well as services to receive your new employees and help them get settled in their new town. We help newcomers and their families, foreign and national, in getting adapted as quickly as possible so that they can focus on the new job and new life. We take the worry out of relocation and handle the day to day challenges so that they don’t have to think about it.

  • Operative and administrative efficiency analysis
  • Business cases
  • Inventory management and outsourcing
  • Business plans
  • Investment proposals
  • Corporate concierge
  • Relocation and adaptation services
  • Host for company visitors
  • Software and systems support

Travel and Event Management

With a national and international network of contacts in the tourism industry, we can plan and execute any type of trip that perfectly fit with your financial and comfort-level expectations.

IdeaCOM is the best option in the ecotourism and adventure travel sector for groups and conventions, corporate events, business meetings, motivation and incentive programs, professional integration seminars, trips, family vacations, weddings and more, offering a full gamut of activities, flexibility of schedule and relevant experience based on years of service in the superior planning of events.

Companies face the challenge of needing to plan reunions and meetings, often when time is short. We take care of your corporate events, so that you can rest assured that your agenda is in good hands.

We are dedicated to designing, planning, producing and carrying out your corporate events.

Our team of organizers and suppliers Works to bring you personalized attention and finds integrated solutions to meet your expectations.

We create tools and concepts in communication through events, providing the answers you need to obtain spectacular results.

Creative consulting, convention management, integration events, end of the year parties, product and brand launches, recreational services, experiential training, incentive and motivational programs and sporting events are among our service offerings that you now have at your fingertips.

  • Tourism Services
  • Organization and execution of corporate events
  • Press conferences
  • Product and brand launches

Real Estate and Property Management

Our real estate divisions, ICI Property Management and Paradise in Manzanillo bring you a team of experts in property management, commercial and residential sales, vacation and long-term rentals as well as property administration so that you don’t have to worry about maintenance and the details, leaving you to enjoy your home and investment.

Rental property administration is a service we offer our clients that do not have the time or do not wish to deal directly with renters and with property maintenance, payment of services, taxes, paperwork and permits, etc.

Both corporate and individual clients depend on us and our integrated solutions to manage and maintain their properties in their absence while they are away and/or on an ongoing basis.

  • Commercial and residential property sales
  • Property rental
  • Administration and maintenance of properties
  • Interior design
  • Architecture and planning

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Marketing provides results by combining subjective perception (though the satisfaction of needs and wants) in conjunction with techniques to direct and obtain desired buyer conduct. The field of application covers almost any kind of social activity from the corporate level that you are most familiar with to the level of your consumer. This applies for companies that provide services as their main function as well as though that offer tangible products.

Marketing molds the offering of these products and services, adding value for clients and consumers as a means of creating value and revenue for the company and its stakeholders, making marketing the inherent pillar of business strategy within the organization.

The practice of marketing recognizes that the diversity of the market implies the existence of diverse wants and needs by applying the technique of segmentation which consists of grouping individuals with similar characteristics under the assumption that such groupings allow for closer detection of their wants and needs and a way to design products and services that will be most attractive to the segment or subgrouping of a population, optimizing chances for success.

For each market segment, the company must propose a position that it wants to achieve and define, design and develop the proper marketing mix that is made up by the commonly-known 4 Ps to bring the product to the consumer that the consumer will want to buy.

Product Items available for purchase, sale, exchange, barter, etc. This includes the way it is designed, the classification, the position, packaging and is made known by way of its brand.

Price What is paid by the consumer for any product or service. This profoundly influences the perception of the brand by the consumer. It indicates how much and what the client will pay for a product or service. Companies apply various strategies in determining the price including costs and desired profit margin.

Place (distribution) The place where a product will be made available to the consumer. Marketing professionals need to know the method of distribution, the cost of getting the product to its final selling destination, if the place is consistent with the product and price and is compatible with the brand’s image, given that people will not pay the same price for a product bought at the Sony Store versus the same product used on eBay.

Promotion Activities designed to change consumer attitude or conduct regarding your product or service, giving them something of value in return for the behavioral change. Communication of your product or service attributes means that marketing-related promotion takes place between the buyer and seller.

Market research is performed within a larger project as a corporate initiative to obtain a clearer picture of the commercial viability of a product or service as an investment.

Market studies focus on 3 main areas:

General position analysis

This involves the study of all that surrounds and encompasses a company in its various aspects such as the legal environment, economic and technological situation, infrastructure and the social or ideological environment.

Analysis of the consumer and consumer behavior

A study of consumers in order to detect their purchasing needs and the way in which the company’s products or services can satisfy them by learning about their buying habits (place, timing, preferences, etc.), mainly with the objective of improving sales and marketing techniques in a commercial establishment or for creating new businesses or locales that meet the demand of the unsatisfied consumers.

Analysis of the competition and competitive set

The study of a group of companies which share the same or similar target market or same or similar product and service offerings as your brand and company.


  • Media strategy, planning and placement
  • Ad placement in national and international publications and media
  • Campaign follow-up
  • Image
  • Design of corporate, executive or industrial image and identity
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Web design and programming
  • Multimedia

Market Research

  • Market research for the political, social and commercial sectors
  • Consumer satisfaction studies and resulting correction strategies

Marketing Services

  • Marketing planning
  • Planning and execution of product and service concept, price, placement, position and promotion
  • Establishment of sales, distribution and supply chains and channels
  • Social, political and commercial marketing
  • Identification of target market
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization)

Commercial Marketing

  • Market studies
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Feasibility studies

Social Research

  • Socioeconomic studies
  • Census and polls
  • Social diagnostics
  • Social impact studies

Political Marketing

  • Voting polls
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Exit polls
  • Tracking
  • Quick voting samples

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