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Completing the FM3 application online

To complete the application online, click on the link below. You will open an executable file (you need to allow pop-ups) and will fill out the form on your computer. Print the document and bring 3 copies with you. Below is a handy guide to understanding the terms to fill out the document.  There are a number of errors in translation on the application itself so it is helpful to have this guide handy when filling out the application. We also keep copies of the application in our office and can assist you in completing the forms and letters.

Click here to open the executable file.

Download a printable copy of the application here.

See this page for assistance on putting together your file and photos as well as for our fees to assist you in processing your application, going to the immigration service on your behalf, etc.

Follow the handy terminology guide to assist you in completing the application.

Tipo y número de forma migratoria del extranjero – if you have a previous FM document (FM3, FM2 or your tourist card), put the type and number in this box, there should be a file number for you to put there

Calidad migratoria actual – current status, no inmigrante means you are on a tourist visa (tourist card), check inmigrante if you have an FM3, inmigrado if you have an FM2

Característica migratoria actual – indicate your status there as turista, FM3 or FM2 and subtype if applicable, such as rentista, profesional, etc.

Apellido paterno, materno, nombres – this part needs to coincide with your passport and birth certificate, with the exception of married women that have changed their last name after marriage in which case the accompanying marriage certificate will justify the name change, unless you have a second last name (not a hyphenated or double-barelled last name), do not put anything in the apellido materno box, put your full first and middle names in the nombres box

Estado civil - declare single if you are common-law, ask the expert about whether to check other and declare you are divorced, this will depend on which documentation you are presenting and what the situation is with your last name in your documentation to present

Nacionalidad – here you indicate your nationality at birth and then the nationality you currently use, will be using to present your passport and under which you entered Mexico

Ciudad y país de residencia, consulado – here you must include the address exactly as it appears on the utility bill you are presenting as proof of address, if completing the document at the consulate, ask them which address to use, typically the address from the home country (remember to reregister your FM document upon arrival to live in Mexico), put your Mexican address exactly as it appears on the utility bill in the address box below in Domicilio del extranjero en México, then tick the box below is same as above or indicate mailing address if different

Representante – the next part is to be filled out if you will have a Mexican or foreign representative to act on your behalf, the Mexican representative may be a business or an individual, it is important to have complete and correct information in that section, below the part about the representative, you can also desgnate someone as authorized to receive (pick up or sign for delivery) documents on your behalf

Servicios o trámites que solicita – most people will check the first box of internment as is the case if applying for FM3 or FM2

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