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Blood donation requirements in Mexico

Below is a sample list of blood donor requirements in Mexico (translated to English). Consult your clinic, hospital or health care professional to see about the specific requirements for you to give blood. Note that wait times can be long, sometimes up to a full business day. You will likely be asked to go to a specific hospital at a specific time, early in the morning. Late arrivals will likely not be accepted. (more…)

Books about retiring and living in Mexico

There have been several books written on the topic of living, investing, buying real estate and living in Mexico. A few of these are listed below with a summary of each for your convenience. This is not an endorsement of the books or topics but rather a guide to help you decide if the material is of use to you. We have not read or ordered the books but the summaries indicate that the books would be useful for foreigners living in Mexico. (more…)

Health insurance in Mexico

Health Insurance

International Insurance Plans
for Foreigners in Mexico
By Tony Hamrick © Tony Hamrick 2007

It is advisable to have international health insurance while traveling or living as an expatriate. Having an international health plan gives a person, family or group a variety of choices when it comes to health care. For example, a person covered by such a plan can choose a private hospital or any approved physician for their care. (more…)

Moving and shipping items to Mexico

Countdown to moving day

How to prepare for your move to Mexico

The big day is getting closer! Before you leave, many things need taking care of. You’re worried about forgetting something? Well, Don’t worry! For your serenity and peace of mind, here is a detailed checklist. This checklist will help you plan all that you need to take care of whilst preparing your departure (more…)

Mexican pensioners discounts card

Living in Mexico offers many financial and lifestyle benefits. One that very few know about is offered by the government for senior citizens. The Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultos Mayores (INAPAM) provides many services including organizing cultural events, fitness, excursions, health seminars and illness prevention, psychological support services, teaching, discounts at shops, services and transport agencies and more.  It is available for people starting at 60 years of age and they issue you an ID card, free of charge which you need in order to participate in the program. This is also a great place for people to volunteer to work with other seniors teaching computing, crafts or anything else. (more…)

Do I need a Mexican living will or medical proxy?

See our sections about the will and testament for details on that matter. Here we will discuss the living will. We use the term living will but the document is sometimes also known as a medical proxy and also goes by other terms. Do you need one while living in Mexico? In a word, definitely. (more…)

Considerations when hiring domestic workers in Mexico

Hiring domestic workers is common in Mexico. Foreigners often hire housekeepers, gardeners, tradespeople, drivers and cooks, to name a few of the useful support professions that make life in Mexico an upgrade. Learn how to protect your workers and yourself in matters of litigation, social security, etc. (more…)

Closing and title services by IdeaCOM

Corporate, Closing and Title

  • Trust preparation
  • New corporations to acquire properties
  • Pre-sale contracts
  • Buy-sell contracts
  • Fusion and subdivision of properties
  • Notary service oversight (more…)

IMSS Medical Insurance

Link to current rates of a similar level of service. The rates quoted here are for Mexicans living in the US that wish to continue service for their family members in Mexico. Rates for individual and family insurance are no longer published on the IMSS site but old rates from 2006 are quoted below. To obtain current rates, we inquire on a case-by-case basis.

Link to video and article by Kelly Cobiella of CBS about health care in Mexico, filmed in Manzanillo (more…)

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