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Mexico simplifies visa procedures

Mexico Simplifies Visa Procedures

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Published: Monday, March 8, 2010 on Mexperience (see this site for many other articles about living in Mexico)

Mexico’s National Immigration Institute (INM) has announced a range of amendments to its immigration and internment procedures to be implemented starting May 1, 2010. Although the amendments do not significantly alter the core rules and regulations which underpin current immigration law, the changes will make the paperwork and procedures less complicated for foreigners wishing to enter Mexico; particularly for those coming to Mexico to do business and those who wish to live, work and retire here. (more…)

Visas for Canadians to go to Mexico

This information is taken from the Mexican Consulate General web site in Vancouver, BC, Canada

May 8, 2010


Canadian and U.S. citizens, as well as minors, do not require a visa to visit Mexico for up to 180 days; however, the immigration officer at the port of entry will determine the exact authorized period for each tourist, which is up to a maximum of six months. Visitors are required to have a Mexican tourist card, which can be obtained upon presentation of proof of citizenship (i.e. passport, birth certificate or citizenship card, plus a driver’s license or an official I.D.) The Mexican tourist card can be obtained at this Consulate, airlines or at the port of entry. (more…)

Changes to the travel requirements for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada

This information is provided courtesy of the Mexican Consulate General in Vancouver, BC

As of March 1st, 2010, the Government of Mexico requires new documentation to enter Mexico under a “tourist status”. (more…)

Blood donation requirements in Mexico

Below is a sample list of blood donor requirements in Mexico (translated to English). Consult your clinic, hospital or health care professional to see about the specific requirements for you to give blood. Note that wait times can be long, sometimes up to a full business day. You will likely be asked to go to a specific hospital at a specific time, early in the morning. Late arrivals will likely not be accepted. (more…)

Pet relocation services

When moving to Mexico or vacationing in Mexico for extended periods, some people find that they need to ship a pet. Some other people decide to adopt pets in Mexico and have them shipped to the US or Canada or elsewhere in the world. We have compiled a list of reputable companies to refer you to. We recommend that you ask any company that you wish to deal with to speak with other satisfied clients they have in order to get the word directly from someone that has had a similar experience. (more…)

Dialing numbers in Mexico from within and outside Mexico

To dial numbers in Mexico from outside Mexico (from the USA or Canada) or in some cases while using a US or Canadian cell phone while traveling in Mexico, the following are handy codes to keep in mind. Below you will also find the codes for dialing Mexican home and cell phone numbers from within Mexico. (more…)

Low cost airlines in Mexico

Mexico offers a number of options in terms of low cost airline carriers (aerolíneas de bajo costo). We have listed some of them here. Destinations and other information subject to change. This information is provided for your convenience. Check with each airline for up to date details. Links to English versions of the sites have been added below, if available. (more…)

Books about retiring and living in Mexico

There have been several books written on the topic of living, investing, buying real estate and living in Mexico. A few of these are listed below with a summary of each for your convenience. This is not an endorsement of the books or topics but rather a guide to help you decide if the material is of use to you. We have not read or ordered the books but the summaries indicate that the books would be useful for foreigners living in Mexico. (more…)

Long distance and phone solutions in Mexico

For many, long distance costs are a consideration while living in Mexico. Cell phone costs can be high. We have summarized here some of the more sustainable long-term solutions for those spending time in Mexico. Changing residences can mean losing a phone number or needing to maintain a long distance number once you move out of your area. Here you will find our most practical advice to simplify telecommunications matters and reduce your costs. (more…)

Studying for the citizenship exam or just about Mexico in general

An incomparable collection of articles can be found at this link. The first article of each section is contained in this post. You will find an immense amount of very reader-friendly information about Mexican politics, government, history, art, culture, religion, geography and more. The complete list can be found at the bottom of this post. (more…)

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