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Dialing numbers in Mexico from within and outside Mexico

To dial numbers in Mexico from outside Mexico (from the USA or Canada) or in some cases while using a US or Canadian cell phone while traveling in Mexico, the following are handy codes to keep in mind. Below you will also find the codes for dialing Mexican home and cell phone numbers from within Mexico. (more…)

Dialing toll-free numbers in the US and Canada from Mexico

In order to dial a number from Mexico that would otherwise be toll free in the US and Canada, you can dial it by using the following codes, plus the remaining seven digits (see table below). The call is not free but you are able to dial it and will be billed a long-distance call on your Mexican cell or home phone service. (more…)

Low cost airlines in Mexico

Mexico offers a number of options in terms of low cost airline carriers (aerolíneas de bajo costo). We have listed some of them here. Destinations and other information subject to change. This information is provided for your convenience. Check with each airline for up to date details. Links to English versions of the sites have been added below, if available. (more…)

Books about retiring and living in Mexico

There have been several books written on the topic of living, investing, buying real estate and living in Mexico. A few of these are listed below with a summary of each for your convenience. This is not an endorsement of the books or topics but rather a guide to help you decide if the material is of use to you. We have not read or ordered the books but the summaries indicate that the books would be useful for foreigners living in Mexico. (more…)

Long distance and phone solutions in Mexico

For many, long distance costs are a consideration while living in Mexico. Cell phone costs can be high. We have summarized here some of the more sustainable long-term solutions for those spending time in Mexico. Changing residences can mean losing a phone number or needing to maintain a long distance number once you move out of your area. Here you will find our most practical advice to simplify telecommunications matters and reduce your costs. (more…)

Studying for the citizenship exam or just about Mexico in general

An incomparable collection of articles can be found at this link. The first article of each section is contained in this post. You will find an immense amount of very reader-friendly information about Mexican politics, government, history, art, culture, religion, geography and more. The complete list can be found at the bottom of this post. (more…)

Health insurance in Mexico

Health Insurance

International Insurance Plans
for Foreigners in Mexico
By Tony Hamrick © Tony Hamrick 2007

It is advisable to have international health insurance while traveling or living as an expatriate. Having an international health plan gives a person, family or group a variety of choices when it comes to health care. For example, a person covered by such a plan can choose a private hospital or any approved physician for their care. (more…)

Bringing personal items into Mexico

Moving to Mexico
What is a “Menaje de Casa”?
When you plan a move to Mexico, there are certain things that you will want to take with you. You may hear the term “menaje de casa”. So, what does it mean? Menaje de casa is a list of items to be imported into Mexico. Mexican Customs is VERY strict about what you can and can’t bring into the country. For example, you cannot label a box with clothes and shoes in it “Shoes and Clothes”. You must be very specific. Example: 5 pairs of shoes, 15 shirts. (more…)

Moving and shipping items to Mexico

Countdown to moving day

How to prepare for your move to Mexico

The big day is getting closer! Before you leave, many things need taking care of. You’re worried about forgetting something? Well, Don’t worry! For your serenity and peace of mind, here is a detailed checklist. This checklist will help you plan all that you need to take care of whilst preparing your departure (more…)

Why Title Insurance?

Why Title Insurance?

When you decide to buy a property you must be certain that after the sale has been completed you will be the true owner of the property. You need to be confident that no liens, encumbrances or other impediments will prevent your free use and enjoyment of the property. (more…)

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