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Green design and construction in Mexico


Mexico is catching up with the green design, construction and building practices that have seen a tremendous evolution over the years. For more than 20 years, Mexican companies have been selling green building products, with increasing acceptance. Such products include low volatile organic compound materials (low VOC) and paints, use of previously-contaminated sites, recovered materials, full solar and photovoltaic systems, wind power, light tunnels and more. (more…)

Servicios de traducción e interpretación

IdeaCOM Servicios de Interpretación

IdeaCOM se complace en proporcionar expertos en servicios de interpretación inglés/español para la asistencia a empresas y particulares. Los servicios de interpretación se usan para muchos tipos de necesidades, tanto dentro de la ciudad y como para viajar fuera de la ciudad, de los cuales algunos están listados aquí: (more…)

Do I need a Mexican will?

For people that are going to be in Mexico part of the year or all of the year, those that are buying property or doing any business in Mexico, or those bringing a vehicle into the country, really anyone living in Mexico (including Mexicans), it is indispensable to have a will in Mexico. (more…)

CURP in Mexico (Clave Única de Registro de la Población)

The Population Registry Unique Code (Spanish: Clave Única de Registro de Población) or CURP is a unique identity code for both citizens and residents of Mexico. Each CURP code is a unique, alphanumeric 18-character string intended to prevent duplicate entries.

Typically you get one for the first time when you obtain your FM3. You need it to get your social security card, your driver’s license, getting your FM2 or citizenship (naturalization), for buying a vehicle or home, opening a bank account and for most other legal and tax business in Mexico. (more…)

Invest in Colima – incentives

Investment Incentives

The government of Colima, through various ministries and agencies, offers support and incentives for already established businesses or for companies seeking to locate in the state. These incentives are contained in the Economic Development Law, and consist of the following: (more…)

Infrastructure in the port of Manzanillo

Port area

437 hectares

Navigation canal:


600 meters


14 meters

Turn docks



450 meters


14 meters

Berthing positions






Covered storages

1.26 hectares

Open – air storages

12.98 hectares

Rail lines

13.5 km

2 two lane
2.3 km
4 four lane
3.1 km


highways in Colima, MexicoRailways

railways in Colima, Mexico

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Services and infrastructure in Colima

Services and Infrastucture in Colima

Colima’s modern and well-developed infrastructure has contributed to providing residents with a standard of living that surpasses the national average. Not only is Colima an attractive investment option, but it offers a pleasant lifestyle for company personnel and families relocating here. (more…)

Invest in Colima – port activity, transportation, incentives

The State of Colima is an exciting option for investors that have the vision to tap the full potential of our resources, modern infrastructure and well-educated population. But these are only several of the factors that make Colima an attractive investment choice. Residents enjoy a standard of living well above the national average, and among both residents and the government there is a strong culture of respect for the natural environment. All of these elements makes Colima a serious player in the global competition for business investment. (more…)

Transportation and telecommunications infrastructure – Colima

Colima’s modern, high-quality transportation infrastructure is designed to facilitate the rapid movement of passengers and cargo from various points within the state to the main consumption and distribution centers in the Mexican Republic. Up-to-date telecommunications technology will keep you in touch with clients and suppliers in any part of the world. (more…)

Virtual office services

Virtual Office Services for Realtors and other Professionals


  • Bilingual staff (English/Spanish)
  • Office space
  • Technical knowledge
  • Experience (more…)

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