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Bringing Pets to Mexico

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Many people travel with their pets to Mexico. If you’d like to take your dog or cat with you on your Mexican vacation, there are a few steps you should take in advance. You should have your pet examined by a veterinarian and your pet’s immunizations should be up to date. You may need to present the following documents when entering Mexico with your pet:

  • A certificate of good health issued by a veterinarian within ten days of travel
  • Proof of vaccines against rabies and distemper administered at least 15 days before the pet’s arrival in Mexico.

You may or may not be asked to present these documents, but you should have them with you just in case. You are allowed to enter with up to two dogs or cats. If you will be traveling to Mexico with more animals, you should contact the Mexican consulate or embassy nearest you for more information.

If you are traveling by air you will need to check with your airline well in advance about their rules for transporting pets. You should also be aware that many hotels and resorts do not accept pets, so you should inquire beforehand to make sure your furry friend will be welcome at your accommodations.

http://gomexico.about.com/od/planningandinformation/qt/pets_travel.htm [1]

A list of pet-friendly hotels in Mexico

http://gringodog.home.comcast.net/~gringodog/pet-friendly.htm [2]

How to Adopt a Pet from Mexico

You meet him on the beach and spend a quiet, sun soaked afternoon with him. He is there waiting for you at breakfast the next morning. The next thing you know, your dinner orders are decided by what you think he might like most. You return home from your vacation in Akumal, and can’t stop thinking about him. You spend your days wondering what he is doing, if he is with another visitor? You have photos of him up on your desk at work, and he is on your screen saver on your computer. You can’t wait to get back to Akumal – to see him! You realize that you’ve fallen in love.

We see them on the beach every day, meet them and fall in love with them. They’re the stray dogs and cats, and they have a very special talent of finding their way into your heart and capturing it. Many people meet dogs and cats while visiting Akumal and other areas of Mexico, and wish that they could take them back to the States or Canada with them, but figure that it either isn’t allowed, or there is too much red tape. Not so! It is actually very easy to take a dog (or cat) back with you from Mexico.

There are just a few easy steps:

  • You’ll need a crate (for larger dogs) or a carrier. Both are available at many stores in the Riviera Maya, including WalMart in Playa del Carmen, Mega, and Chedraui. Many of the local vets also have crates or carriers available for purchase
  • You’ll need a health certificate for dogs or cats and proof of rabies vaccination, issued within ten days of departure, for travel on airlines. The documentation required is no different than if you were taking the pet with you on a flight from your hometown to San Francisco, New York, Miami, Chicago, or Padukah, Kentucky. No quarantine is required either going to the US from Mexico, or into Mexico from the US. Visit a local vet to receive the certificates. We use two vets for our pets – Juan Erato in Tulum, and Paco (?) in Playa del Carmen. Both are very familiar with the documentation required for transporting a pet, and are very reliable and professional. Since requirements vary by the airlines, we recommend obtaining the certification the day before you travel, to avoid any problems.

Below is a list of items that must be included on the health certificate:

  • The shipper’s name and address.
  • Any tag numbers or tattoos assigned to the animal.
  • The age of the animal being shipped (USDA regulations require animals be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned before traveling).
  • A statement that the animal is in good health.
  • A list of administered inoculations, when applicable.
  • The signature of the veterinarian.
  • The date of the certificate.

You’ll need to contact your airline. A list of airlines that allow pets follows, as well as the regulations and guidelines for those airlines. If you are on an airline that will not allow pets, many times it is possible to find someone in Akumal, or nearby, who will be willing to transport the pet for you. The cost varies by the different airlines, but it is approximately $100 for the pet to go back with you. Many airlines impose day-of-travel temperature restrictions. Always check with your airline the day that you are departing to be sure that the pet will be allowed to go with you that day. Most airlines determine whether the animal can go in cabin or in cargo by the size of the crate or carrier. Soft sided carriers will not be accepted in the cargo area. Be sure to get the airline’s requirements regarding carriers for your pet and make the arrangements accordingly. Also, taking your pet on board the airplane with you will count as one of the two personal items that you are allowed to bring on board, so be sure that you only have one other item with you, or that you will be able to check something as baggage.

Here’s a list of the major air carriers between the US and Mexico, into Cancun, and their policies regarding transportation of pets as of May, 2008. Links to the airlines’ pet travel policy pages are also provided. You can copy and paste them into your browser window if they do not activate automatically.

Airline Carrier Policies (2008)


In cargo only: $35 USD
link [3]

Alaskan Airlines
In cabin: $100 USD
In cargo: $100 USD 998-886-0803 (in Mexico)
link [4]
American Airlines
In cabin: $80 USD
In cargo: $100 USD 998-886-0086 (in Mexico)
link [5]
Continental Airlines
Allows pets but must be contacted prior to reservation: 800-525-0280
In cabin only: $95 USD 998-886-0006 (in Mexico)
link [6]
In cabin: $100 USD
In cargo: $200 USD 998-886-0668 (in Mexico)
Pet Travel Options:
link [7]
Pet Travel Requirements and Restrictions:
link [8]
In cabin: $100 USD
In cargo: $100 USD
link [9]
In cabin only: $100 USD
link [10]
In cabin: $100 USD
In cargo: $100 USD
998-881-9093 (in Mexico)
link [11]
Northwest Airlines
In cabin: $80 USD
In cargo: Varies, according to origin and destination; ranges from $139 – $359 USD
Carry on pets [12]
Pets in cargo [13]
Shipping a pet [14]
Does not accept pets on international flights.
In cabin: $100 USD
In cargo: $100 USD for small and medium size pets; $100 USD for large or giant size. 800-003-0777
link [15]
link [16]
link [17]
link [18]
link [19]
In cabin: $100 USD
In cargo: $100 USD for small and medium size pets; $100 USD for large or giant size. 800-003-0777
link [16]
link [17]
link [18]
link [19]
US Airways
In cabin only: $100 USD, 998-886-0373 (in Mexico)
link [20]
No pets permitted on international flights.
link [21]

USDA regulations on traveling with pets

Other helpful information
link [22]

And links on their site to these airlines:

Mexiconline information
link [28]

Please let us know of any additional information or changes so that we can include that in our site.

Thanks! And to those of you who adopt, we wish you many happy years of love, fun and adventure with your new pet from Mexico!


http://www.locogringo.com/past_spotlights/june2008-2.html [29]

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