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Books about retiring and living in Mexico

There have been several books written on the topic of living, investing, buying real estate and living in Mexico. A few of these are listed below with a summary of each for your convenience. This is not an endorsement of the books or topics but rather a guide to help you decide if the material is of use to you. We have not read or ordered the books but the summaries indicate that the books would be useful for foreigners living in Mexico.


Live or Retire in Mexico: A Practical, Detailed Guide

So you want to learn the trick to retire in Mexico? I’ve lived in Mexico on a budget for 7 years and after accumulating a set of hard-earned how-to knowledge, I developed a helpful e-book. My book Mexico: The Trick is Living Here will help you live or retire (or travel extensively) in Mexico. It will help you answer the questions you have about cost of living by giving example costs and clear descriptions of what you get for your peso in Mexico. This book will help you envision what your life might be like once you retire in Mexico.

Quick Guide to Mexico: The Trick is Living Here, Second Edition

  • Over 140 pages
  • 16 pages of cultural info
  • The cost of living in Mexico

How-to information on…

  • choosing a house
  • health care
  • getting a phone
  • traveling by bus
  • driving
  • doing laundry
  • banking
  • Discussion of culture-shock
  • Humorous insider’s view
  • The author’s anecdotes

Official transactions including…

  • getting your FM3
  • getting birth certificates
  • receiving social security

Just for Canadians…

  • residency planning
  • birth certificates
  • issues unique to Canadians



50 Things you Must Know Before You Travel to Mexico

In my book, you will find out:

  • The best, fastest and cheapest ways to change money.
  • Which is better to use in Mexico – the peso or the dollar and why.
  • How to safely use your credit or debit card during your Mexican vacation.
  • What types of credit cards are best to use in Mexico and why.
  • How to avoid having your credit card blocked by the bank!
  • How to call back to the U.S. and Canada for free.
  • Preventative measures to avoid theft or robbery.
  • How to protect yourself and your trip with insurance.
  • What to do and who to contact if you do have a problem.
  • Why getting angry doesn’t solve a problem!
  • What “amigo” really means in everyday life.
  • Understanding why some things happen, and how to make them work to your benefit.
  • The secret handshake that will get you “in” with the locals.
  • What to expect and what not to expect in typical situations.
  • What might make the locals laugh at you and how to avoid it.
  • How to keep in touch with friends and family back home without breaking the bank!
  • Key cultural differences that might surprise you.
  • Important things you should do BEFORE your travels.
  • The best way to get important packages and mail.
  • How to avoid being victim to thefts or robberies.
  • Does mañana really mean “tomorrow”?
  • What you should know about the Mexico medical system.
  • When it’s best to joke and laugh.
  • Our special way to handle financial requests.
  • What you should know about insurance.
  • When who you know is much more important than what you know.
  • How to handle encounters with the police.
  • Things that are sure to get you thrown out of the country if you get caught.

Each section also includes my summary of recommendations of things to do before your trip, and things to do during your time in Mexico.



Margarita Mind, What It Is And How To Avoid It: A Guide To Buying Mexico Real Estate Safely And Sanely

Almost no other subject generates such heated conversation and opinion among foreigners as real estate in Mexico. Ask any acquaintance and see for yourself. They’ll tell you things like:

  • Foreigners cannot own property in Mexico
  • You need a Mexican partner
  • You can only have a lease
  • Mexico is dangerous
  • You cannot get title insurance
  • You cannot get a mortgage in Mexico
  • There is no escrow in Mexico


Then there is the reality check, which includes:

  • Reading the Mexican constitution,
  • Taking classes in Mexican real estate law,
  • Consulting with attorneys, notarios, and accountants.



Retire in Luxury for Pennies

The people of Mexico routinely treat strangers with warmth and curiosity. The people here seem to have the ability to enjoy life, be more hospitable, more respectful of their fellow man.

And it’s not our money that makes everyone so friendly: the people are deeply steeped in a tradition of courtesy, culture, and kindness that goes back centuries…

The people are almost always willing to stop whatever they are doing to be of assistance to a friend, a neighbor or a stranger. It seems they welcome any opportunity to be helpful. Isn’t that the way life should be?

What Everyone Should Know…About Retiring In Mexico

For many North Americans, retirement means waiting… waiting until you have enough money… waiting for that one day.

But I have shocking news for you: You can afford it. You have the money you need right now.



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